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5 Photography Blog Every Beginner Photographer Must Follow

Photography is an art of perfection. It not only captures the pictures but also the memories and emotions. Beautiful images and videos always create fantasies, an zeal to click beautifully and creatively.

If you are an aspiring photographer and looking for some good tips and techniques, ways to improve your photography then you must check and must follow these five superb photography blogs without breaking your head and end up wasting time.

Have a look at the list below


It is a fantastic blog which deals with photography. It inspires and educate the beginners in photography and videography and also to creative professionals interested in this field. This blog keep sharing the great stories, wonderful pictures and photography tips.

This blog was started in 2010 by Patrick Hall and Lee Morris. This blog noticeably rose to fame when the co founder Lee Morris conducted whole fashion photoshoot only by using his iPhone 3GS.

The creativity and innovation of this blog is making it popular, they have bagged a 1.5 million photographers and millions of viewers a month. This blog offers gear reviews, photography lighting, industry news and many more. It has been featured in leading news outlets.


F stop lounge

This is a blog with unique concept, it offers photographers from the world to come on a single platform and share their knowledge, interests and experiences that can inspire and help beginners to learn about different gears and techniques.

This blog is not single person oriented it is a joint experience of contributors around the world; this maintains the freshness of the blog as various different point of views are inputs. There is a lot to learn from this blog as numerous of new ideas, knowledge is abundantly available.

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

This blog is created by two technical minded passionate photographers. They are doing tremendous work and gaining fame. The thing that turned the heads is their sincere and interesting approach towards the beginners and expert photographers who are willing to learn and experiment.

This blog explains about the technical photography using simple visuals and detailed and clear explanations.To widen up the knowledge about photography and to know about related technicalities one must follow it.

It is abundantly loaded with informative articles about photography and its tech wizard.

Digital Photography School

Digital photography school is a great bookmark for beginners and creative professionals as well. It is popularly known as DPS. This blog is created interesting as it has various sections and you can opt for the section of your choice. There is a whole dedicated section on photography tutorials combining with some great tips on photography.

Another section is  ‘for beginners’ section, which contains all the well explained simple basics of photography like exposure and aperture. If you are an expert then you can jump on the section called post production.

If you have a desire to avail the useful photography tips on daily basis then you can get them daily in your inbox. The focal point of photography action in DPS is their well frequented community behind.

Photo concentrate

This blog is run by two people Lauren Lim and Rob Lim. This duo of husband wife share their passion and love for photography here. The interesting thing to read in this blog is its about page as it inspires the individual who want to begin in photography.

This site has great tutorials on photography and in order to avail them you need to pay. Apart from that there is enough content available for free especially on various angles of photography, camera buying guide and eBook called the shy photographer’s guide to confidence.

3 Tips to Capture Perfect Photos for Your Social Media Profile

Social media profile picture plays an important role in the virtual world. The quality of your picture influences the first impression of you, so you should not overlook this.

Here are few tips to capture perfect profile picture

Light before the background

Search for the light before the background. Light is the important factor for a perfect social media picture, for this purpose the suitable light is soft light, as it has shadows and some transitions between light and dark. While clicking picture finds a place where there is soft light around, where sun is not directly shinning on your face and objects around.

You must try to avoid strong shadows as these may prove to ruin your click. The other big tip to avoid over posing at any cost, it may distract from the mark. Clicking from higher angles effectively hides double chin. For a professional and flattering look wear a natural smile and head slightly high.

If the natural light is not up to the mark or not offering the required brightness then you can always adjust your white balance settings.

Prepare the background

While selecting background for your pictures choose a background having solid colour avoid patterns, plants or any other distracting objects behind you. This enables you to change the background digitally likewise appropriate background can be produced.

Other thing to take care is the background should be dark or you should be prominently brighter than the background avoiding the hard shadows over your face and the objects. Some recommend the side of a building as the best place for shooting.

Make sure the colour of your background should not match your skin tone or to the colour of you dress otherwise you will be camouflaged and will lose the emphasis.


Set your camera and Strike a pose

It is suggested to click high resolution HD pictures as this will increase the usability of the photos as they can be used on bigger screens and for printing purpose. It is essential to adjust the camera at perfect angle whether someone else is clicking for you or using a tripod for the perfect hot.

To attain creative elements you can change the camera orientation and can make some alterations in shooting style. Try using different techniques and ideas to be different. Use various tricks to enhance the picture like to get a thinner look you can place your camera around 45 degrees away from your body.

Pose using your arms and hands; this will bring good variation in your frame and many more. Social media profiles are less than 500×500 pixel. Like for LinkedIn its 400×400, Google 250×250, Twitter’s 400×400, Facebook 180×180 and for Instagram its 110×110.

One must opt for larger headshots like 16:9 format picture. Otherwise your social media picture will appear blur to the viewer. If you can use a lens then you must go for the focal length ranging between normal range telephoto ranges about 70 to 135 millimetres.

Since your camera phone is not recommended to click for profile pictures as its lens tend to distort you face, you can try holding you phone farther to reduce the distorted effect and then using tighter composition you can easily crop it further.

The greatest is to invest in point and shoot camera with higher resolution.

5 Things You Must Check Before Buying Vlogging Camera

Vlogging, this word is most popular these days, which means video blogging. Many people aspire to start vlogging and to help those in selecting well suited camera, listing few things that one should consider before buying a vlogging camera.

First of all be clear what u want to vlog on, like if you want to vlog on sports be it on ground or on water you need to choose an action camera as it would not get damaged while recording. One must go for point end camera, if the requirement is to focus automatically with other settings too.

If one wants to connect a microphone or change the camera lens then DSLR is best suited.

Consider following points while buying a vlogging camera:

Image quality and Frame rate

Suggestion is to go for at least1080pand you can buy the better quality video camera also, as most of the videos in YouTube is recorded in this quality. Do not go for the lower quality as it may lay a negative impact on the graph of your vlog. Frame rate is also an important feature to check while selecting a camera for vlogging.

Per second 30 frames are being captured by certain cameras, which is fine and will serve your purpose. To record sports or certain objects in speed, higher frame rate video camera is recommended, which can capture 60 frames in a second. Such higher frame camera is best for every kind of vlog whether fast or slows motion.



It is important to buy a lightweight camera as it will prove handy and portable. Lightweight will prove comfortable while recording with an extended arm or while carrying it a lot of times to record vlogs.

Image stabilization

It is highly recommended to pick a camera having optical image stabilization feature. While vlogging one has to record while walking or in situations where setting camera on tripod is not possible, which results in unwanted camera movements and handshake vibrations that can ruin your videos. So camera with such feature is a must.


Choose a camera with fast autofocus feature as a blurry footage is annoying for viewer and camera with such feature will adjust itself and focus with ease on the target object.

Sound Quality

For a vlog, sound is the essential aspect that should not be overlooked. Suggestion is to buy a camera having the feature of external microphone connectivity. There are many cameras available with built in microphone but they are not of best quality as it is noted that they pick the unwanted background noises like wind etc. The feature of connecting microphone externally allows you to upgrade microphone anytime to create more professional videos.