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Planning to Start a Photography Blog? Hostgator is Your Best Choice for Hosting

Photographers might be experts in their own artistic domain but they require some other kind of technical help to show off their talents to the world. Yes we are speaking of web hosting services without which they cannot have proper exposure in today’s web arena.

In fact the success of their blog will largely depend on the efficiency of the hosting service they opt for. So choosing a quality hosting service is essential for every promising as well as established photographer.

Web hosting in the simplest term is hiring the desired space in a server for the purpose of showcasing your works on the online platform and it is the core requirement for creating any kind of website whatsoever be it photography or anything else.

There are several companies in the market that provide these services and among them Hostgator is our preferred choice as we consider it to be the fittest one for the photography blogs.

Hostgator is a leading web hosting company with over 9 million websites handled by it worldwide. It offers several hosting plans with different price and benefits and photo professionals can choose any of them based on their specific requirement.

The company provides all kinds of hosting solutions – Dedicated, Shared, VPS, as well as Managed WordPress. And in each case you will find three different plans namely Hatchling, Baby and Business. First one is intended for those introducing their blog or website for the first time, the second one is for those who are gradually growing and the third one is designed for the well-established blogs and sites.

While choosing any hosting service for your photography blog you must consider the following factors –

Adequate Web-space:

It is quite normal that since you are to handle a photography blog you will definitely require enough amount of web space to publish all your photos and related files. And so far as Hostgator hosting is concerned you will face no issue with space as it sets no limit to its users in terms of space.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

You will require increasing amount of bandwidth as your blog gets popular and attract more and more audience over time. And with Hostgator there is no constraint regarding bandwidth as well.

Ease of Installation:

With Hostgator’s quick-install tool you can very easily create your photography blog without having to spend much time and effort. Moreover as Hostgator runs on PHP, Linux, MySQL and Apache it is compatible with thousands of software and applications.


This is another important factor to be considered by the photography bloggers and it refers to the option of upgrading to a higher and better hosting plan from the existing one. Thankfully you can always do that if you are with Hostgator.

Site Builder:

Hostgator provides its users with a highly efficient website building tool using which photographers can design a well organized website of their own. And since the tool is extremely easy to handle even the amateurs can put it to use without any difficulty.

Multiple add-ons:

Hostgator hosting offers you to have a number of add-ons which is quite beneficial for your photography blog.

Discount offers:

Hostgator offers regular discounts for new customers. It offer 1 cent coupon code for Hostgator shared hosting plans, coupon for Hostgator VPS hosting plan and also a reselling hosting plan.

30 Day Money Back:

Every user of Hostgator receives a 30 days money back guarantee irrespective of the plan they choose. So you can have enough time to crosscheck the authenticity of the promises made by the company.

Best User Reviews:

Among different hosting service providers Hostgator ranks higher when it comes to customer reviews. With 99.99% uptime, unmatched customer support, excellent loading speed as well as different affordable hosting plans HostGator is the preferred web host of a large number of users.

As you can find out from the above dissertation, Hostgator is quite efficient as a provider of web hosting services and to host a photography blog there is none other as capable as Hostgator for a series of reasons as discussed here. That is why Hostgator is chosen by countless professional as well as beginners related to the fields of photography.

5 Photography Blog Every Beginner Photographer Must Follow

Photography is an art of perfection. It not only captures the pictures but also the memories and emotions. Beautiful images and videos always create fantasies, an zeal to click beautifully and creatively.

If you are an aspiring photographer and looking for some good tips and techniques, ways to improve your photography then you must check and must follow these five superb photography blogs without breaking your head and end up wasting time.

Have a look at the list below


It is a fantastic blog which deals with photography. It inspires and educate the beginners in photography and videography and also to creative professionals interested in this field. This blog keep sharing the great stories, wonderful pictures and photography tips.

This blog was started in 2010 by Patrick Hall and Lee Morris. This blog noticeably rose to fame when the co founder Lee Morris conducted whole fashion photoshoot only by using his iPhone 3GS.

The creativity and innovation of this blog is making it popular, they have bagged a 1.5 million photographers and millions of viewers a month. This blog offers gear reviews, photography lighting, industry news and many more. It has been featured in leading news outlets.


F stop lounge

This is a blog with unique concept, it offers photographers from the world to come on a single platform and share their knowledge, interests and experiences that can inspire and help beginners to learn about different gears and techniques.

This blog is not single person oriented it is a joint experience of contributors around the world; this maintains the freshness of the blog as various different point of views are inputs. There is a lot to learn from this blog as numerous of new ideas, knowledge is abundantly available.

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

This blog is created by two technical minded passionate photographers. They are doing tremendous work and gaining fame. The thing that turned the heads is their sincere and interesting approach towards the beginners and expert photographers who are willing to learn and experiment.

This blog explains about the technical photography using simple visuals and detailed and clear explanations.To widen up the knowledge about photography and to know about related technicalities one must follow it.

It is abundantly loaded with informative articles about photography and its tech wizard.

Digital Photography School

Digital photography school is a great bookmark for beginners and creative professionals as well. It is popularly known as DPS. This blog is created interesting as it has various sections and you can opt for the section of your choice. There is a whole dedicated section on photography tutorials combining with some great tips on photography.

Another section is  ‘for beginners’ section, which contains all the well explained simple basics of photography like exposure and aperture. If you are an expert then you can jump on the section called post production.

If you have a desire to avail the useful photography tips on daily basis then you can get them daily in your inbox. The focal point of photography action in DPS is their well frequented community behind.

Photo concentrate

This blog is run by two people Lauren Lim and Rob Lim. This duo of husband wife share their passion and love for photography here. The interesting thing to read in this blog is its about page as it inspires the individual who want to begin in photography.

This site has great tutorials on photography and in order to avail them you need to pay. Apart from that there is enough content available for free especially on various angles of photography, camera buying guide and eBook called the shy photographer’s guide to confidence.