Vlogging, this word is most popular these days, which means video blogging. Many people aspire to start vlogging and to help those in selecting well suited camera, listing few things that one should consider before buying a vlogging camera.

First of all be clear what u want to vlog on, like if you want to vlog on sports be it on ground or on water you need to choose an action camera as it would not get damaged while recording. One must go for point end camera, if the requirement is to focus automatically with other settings too.

If one wants to connect a microphone or change the camera lens then DSLR is best suited.

Consider following points while buying a vlogging camera:

Image quality and Frame rate

Suggestion is to go for at least1080pand you can buy the better quality video camera also, as most of the videos in YouTube is recorded in this quality. Do not go for the lower quality as it may lay a negative impact on the graph of your vlog. Frame rate is also an important feature to check while selecting a camera for vlogging.

Per second 30 frames are being captured by certain cameras, which is fine and will serve your purpose. To record sports or certain objects in speed, higher frame rate video camera is recommended, which can capture 60 frames in a second. Such higher frame camera is best for every kind of vlog whether fast or slows motion.



It is important to buy a lightweight camera as it will prove handy and portable. Lightweight will prove comfortable while recording with an extended arm or while carrying it a lot of times to record vlogs.

Image stabilization

It is highly recommended to pick a camera having optical image stabilization feature. While vlogging one has to record while walking or in situations where setting camera on tripod is not possible, which results in unwanted camera movements and handshake vibrations that can ruin your videos. So camera with such feature is a must.


Choose a camera with fast autofocus feature as a blurry footage is annoying for viewer and camera with such feature will adjust itself and focus with ease on the target object.

Sound Quality

For a vlog, sound is the essential aspect that should not be overlooked. Suggestion is to buy a camera having the feature of external microphone connectivity. There are many cameras available with built in microphone but they are not of best quality as it is noted that they pick the unwanted background noises like wind etc. The feature of connecting microphone externally allows you to upgrade microphone anytime to create more professional videos.